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  • The Ultimate Kratom Guide | Climax Reviews

    Posted by Alex Pesmenski

    Are you lacking motivation, alway seem tired, or feel like you can’t through the day? Are you currently prescribed opioids for pain relief but are looking for a safer alternative?  Well here at Climax Smoke Shop we have the answer for you. Look no further than the wonderful healing plant called mitragyna speciosa aka Kratom. Kratom is a multifunctional plant with origins in different areas of Southeast Asia, it is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family. The plants leaves are where it’s healing effects derive from, it is either crushed into a powder or extracted into a liquid form and ingested.The main active ingredients of kratom is 7-hydroxymitragynine, a natural alkaloid that has analgesic (pain relieving) and anti-inflammatory properties.  The effects of kratom can be either stimulating or sedative based on the strain and the amount that is taken. At Climax Smoke Shop we offer 6 strains of kratom; White Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, Green Borneo, Super Green Malay, Yellow Vietnam, and Red Bali.

    White Maeng Da is the most stimulating strain we offer, it’s effects are similar to how coffee would feel. This strain is wonderful for those doing heavy labor or needing to be on high alert. White Maeng Da enhances the cognitive function of the human brain. The alkaloids present in this strain are responsible for attaching to receptors and initiating a set of neuronal activity that promotes better thinking and focusing. Enhancing mental and physical readiness without causing any signs of sweating, palpitations, and tremors that you would receive from prescriptions such as adderall and ritalin. With motivational and mood enhancing effects this strain is best taken in the morning or right before you begin any long or hard labor work. Also with its alkaloid content, this strain offers moderate pain relief. Due to its energy strength this strain may cause jittery, anxious, irritable, and restless feelings to some of its users so it is only recommended to those that are up and active for long periods of time. Suggested intake for beginners is a low dose of 2 grams and progressively ingesting more until you achieve your desired feeling. Effects of this strain last 5-7 hours.

    Green Maeng Da is our most popular strain here at Climax Smoke Shop, it’s not as potent as our white vein maeng da but because of this most users actually prefer green vein maeng da. Green maeng da is much more mild but highly effective, it has a energy boost without the risk of feeling jittery and anxious. This strain is a natural dopamine activator and has an overall effect on its users self-confidence. It allows the user to feel more in the moment with less worries about things that we have no control over; preventing over-thinking and bringing peace of mind.

    Green vein maeng da also offers muscle stimulation encouraging users engaging in all types of activities from social to physical work. Many users that have been prescribed tramadol and codeine take this strain as a natural alternative. Suggested intake for beginners is 3-5 grams the more you ingest however can change the effects from stimulating to sedative. Effects last 6-8 hours.

    Green Borneo alkaloid content is that which is similar to the coffee plant, which offers immediate brain stimulation without the body stimulation. This strain maintains the user’s metabolic rate allowing proper nutrient absorption during digestion. Also relieves constipation allowing the body to flush out excess toxins in the body. Overall this strain is excellent for improving bowel movement and is a natural alternative to miralax, duphalac, and trulance. Other benefits of green borneo include relief of migraines and vertigo, also blood stimulation, muscle relaxation with a slight energy boost. Suggested intake varies on the user; 2-3 grams is what is suggested to most that want an uplifting feeling, however over 3 grams will offer more of a sedative effect on the body. Effects last 4-6 hours.

    Super Green Malay is a mutual strain having neither stimulating nor sedative effects on the body but does stimulate the mind. It has one of the highest alkaloid contents with antioxidants and health enhancing benefits. This strain is known to allow one to think more creatively, so for those who are experiencing a ‘writer’s block’ or want to allow ideas to flow more easily this is the strain for you. Super green malay offers major pain relief, numbing pain receptors to reduce awareness of fatigue or suffering by increasing the blood flow throughout all parts of the body. Also, this strain is known to decreases blood pressure, regulate sleep cycle, reduces stress, and relieves social anxiety. Suggested intake is 2-6 grams but varies on the user’s body weight, anything over 10 grams might be harmful to the body. Effects last 6-7 hours

    Yellow Vietnam is one of the most newest trains on the market. It is known to be a middle ground of red bali and green maeng da. It’s high alkaloid content mainly offers mood enhancing effects and is more for mental wellness. Yellow Vietnam does have minor pain relieving benefits but is known more as an anti-depressant, uplifts the user, and brings feelings of euphoria. Suggested intake is 2-5 grams with the effects lasting 6-8 hours.

    Red Bali is a combination between Sumatra and Borneo strains. This is the most sedative and relaxing strain that Climaxsmokeshops offer. This strain relaxes the body and the mind and is ideal for those suffering from sleep apnea and insomnia Used as a natural alternative to Ambien and Lunesta. Those that suffer from tense and tight muscles feel an instant release once this strain is taken. Overall this strain is a stress reducer due to its relaxing effects. Users with anger management problems, anxiety, or depression should look towards this strain. Suggested intake is 3-6 grams, the more you take the more the sedative effect amplifies. Effects last 6-8 hours.

    Here at Climax Smoke Shop we offer premium kratom for all your medical and personal needs. Stop by any of our shops any try our S Kratom products today!

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    On this week's vlog, Qui shows off some of Climax Smoke Shop's steamrollers & bubblers and shows you how to use them!

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  • Waterpipe Wednesday: Rembrandt Glass Works & UBS

    Posted by Alex Pesmenski

    I consider myself a water pipe expert and have had my fair share of them but Rembrandt Glassworks just keeps-on surprising me. The art, the Percolators, everything. The design is outstanding.

    I picked up this Rembrandt piece from Climax Smoke Shop (online here) and it has a lot of really cool features:

    • A detachable Sherlock mouthpiece
    • Frosted glass design
    • A Honeycomb percolator
    • A very stable base

    The water pipe is an average size of 24", which is a great size in my opinion. Some people prefer a silicone piece to avoid risking a drop and break, but this glass one feels very thick so I'm not too worried about breaking it. It's very sleek looking and chic. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a sexy-looking glass water pipe that’s durable, effective, and easy to clean.

    I consider UBS is the outlaw of water pipes. Since this particular water pipe, the UBS Lava 35,  was so popular, I purchased it online from Climax Smoke Shop to make sure I wouldn't miss out (you can buy it here). UBS Glass makes really unique glass pieces that are unique and out of the ordinary.

    For example, this piece has an alien inside...Yes, an alien holding the bowl attachment. Coming down from the alien is a diffused cool-looking stem. My friends love it and I get lots of compliments because of how interesting and "out there" it is.

    This one has pretty thick glass too, and for more grip, UBS even added frosted glass around the mouthpiece, middle section, and base in an oval pattern.

    This piece is truly an artistic piece. I love having it around the house and when I'm not smoking out of it,  I have it on a shelf to stare at while I smoke.

    Highly recommended.

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